Hi! My name is Ainsley and I’m a first year Media and Communications student at UOW. I live on a farm and so I’m looking forward to all the new experiences being a university student will bring. I love my music, and so my Ipod is one of my most treasured possessions. I’m enjoying the flexibility of Spotify and, naturally, I’m an avid Facebooker. However, my main passion lies in reading and writing so I’m looking to use my degree to create a journalism career for myself in a rapidly changing environment. As a somewhat conservative media user, who will always retain a lingering nostalgia for the benefits of the hardback book, I hope to learn the skills and gain the knowledge to flourish in the journalistic world of the future.


One thought on “Introductions”

  1. Hey Ainsley, How cool is it that you live on a farm, I’m sure uni will be no different (grazing near the duck pond). Thats so true, so many people are shying away from hardback books. I personally think the whole experience of reading one is what “novels” are. Blogging is a vast contrast to that, so I’m sure this year you will gain insight into the new journalistic era.

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