Confessions of a Blogging Newbie

blogging (Photo credit: hgjohn)

I do not deny it. Until almost two months ago, I was not a blogger. I did not read, interact with or even give much thought to blogs. I was not enthusiastic when I discovered I would be assessed on my blogging. It’s certainly been a technological leap for me.

However, I did like reading and writing in more general terms.

So, after a hesitant start, I began to adjust to an environment I found I quite enjoyed. Most things about blogging suited me. I like writing conversationally, I like finding material that links to the subject, I like coming up with titles that are hopefully unique and catchy.

What I liked most of all though, was that my blog posts did not simply have to be a regurgitation of learned material, but an exploration of concepts using MY IDEAS! Blogging allowed me to learn in my own way.

My moment of epiphany occurred when I was writing my first BCM110 blog: CAUS{E}ality AND the EFFECTs model. I was contemplating what to write when I remembered a particularly interesting segment on Supernanny where media was scapegoated for desensitising children. Sure enough, I googled and found the video. It suited perfectly. I continued blogging, really feeling like I’d learnt something because I’d applied what had been covered in class to my own experience.

Since then I’ve been able to explore many topics I’ve had an interest in, and also developed new interests along the way. My greatest challenge has been keeping to 300 words! I’ve loved seeing how other people interpret the same topic in different ways, expanding our knowledge collectively.

I want my career to involve writing. It’s something I’m good at (in my opinion) and something I enjoy. I’ve written in a variety of forms, but never in a blog. In this way I’ve appreciated and been challenged by this new addition to my writing repertoire.

So, is this the end?



7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Blogging Newbie”

  1. I started blogging this year and can relate. The journey can sometimes come back full circle though… just because we blog now doesn’t mean we might not come back and actually write something “bigger” in the future. 😉

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog because you write straight to the point and use lots of relevant pictures and videos. Also, your layout is clean and makes reading very easy.

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