What? It’s that time already!?

Cameo (apple)
Cameo (apple) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m genuinely disappointed. In spite of all the gruelling work I’ve put into blogging, all the research and revision, I’m really going to miss its place in my weekly routine.

But, chin up! It’s time to look back at the top 3…

1) What happens when citizens become journalists…

This blog didn’t seem especially different to me. I was proud of it, but I didn’t expect anything much to come of it. However, before I knew it, someone had linked my blog to theirs. I was shocked. I investigated. I found that this person, whom I have no connection to, thought my post was good enough to deserve a mention in theirs. I realised that there is actually a possibility of reaching audiences beyond the scope of the classroom. And that this could really be the first baby steps in my career.

2) Web of Lies

This was one of my earliest blogs, but it was the point at which I found myself engrossed in research. Particularly, the YouTube clip I included, in my opinion, summed up my point perfectly. That week’s blog took me a long time to complete, because I was continuously side tracked in articles, YouTube and websites. It was the first time I’d engaged at such a personal level with the subject. My research also impacted the way I look at other aspects of my life

3) Woman + Internet = Abuse. Why?

This was an important personal topic for me. And difficult to write about with a clear head. I spent hours trawling through comments on YouTube seeing if sexism really was as rampant on the internet as I was being told. Apparently, it is. This shocked me. However, my aim was to comment intelligently on the issues at hand, rather than rant angrily at the injustice. This was my most challenging blog, but I also think the most rewarding.


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