Reflection on JOUR101 news blog

When I began blogging, I started off researching general ‘environmental’ stories. This began with my first post Leadership conference inspires students, which was about a leadership conference with a heavy focus on environmental change.

However, as I began researching further into environmental issues, I came across an issue close to my own experience: wind turbines in NSW. I’ve learnt a lot by researching and interviewing the issue. In my opinion, it is absolutely an issue that deserves more coverage in the media, especially the local opinion and reasoning.

My posts about wind turbines are:

Wind farm setback laws not uniform across states

Wind turbines see local land devalued by up to 60%

Neighbour threatens to sue wind turbine hosts

My interview for my profile story, The reality of living near wind turbines: a profile, was a turning point. Charley Barber, my interviewee, is highly knowledgeable in this area, and has first hand experience in the conflicts that arise in communities due to wind farm development.

My photo story is A Local Perspective was also interesting to put together. It is the first time I have done something like this and it has been a good experience.

Blogging has been an interesting and valuable experience that  has taught me skills that will be useful throughout my journalistic career. I look forward to continuing my degree.


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