Holiday Blues

I’ve never travelled before. Until a month ago I had kept my feet firmly planted on the Australian continent for almost twenty years. But last month I decided that enough was enough, and got myself on a plane to Europe.

Naturally, I had the time of my life. I saw all the famous sites and met a wonderful group of people.

But now, I’m back home, and I’m faced with the depressing reality of everyday life and a sadly depleted bank account.

My life right now
My life right now

But perhaps my biggest grievance at the moment is that all the friends I made are scattered around Australia and the world, and the only way to contact them is via Facebook.

To be completely honest, I’m not normally a ‘Facebook person’, but since stepping off the plane, my phone has barely left my hand. At every spare moment, I’ve been checking for messages, holiday photos, posts in our group Facebook page and just general updates on my companions’ lives.

My media habits have been completely changed by my experiences. I rely on Facebook more than ever before to keep me in touch with my distant friends.

Strangely, I’m using both my laptop and my phone to connect to Facebook, almost simultaneously. Usually it’s one or the other.

Its as if my phone and laptops are portals back to my sunny, happy holiday and all the people I met.


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